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Hopefully you can find the answer to your quieries with these frequently asked questions, or on the rest of our website. If there's still anything else you'd like to ask, please get in touch.

What’s the difference between an overgrip and a regular grip?

Good question. A “regular grip” is the grip that came with your racket when you bought it from the shop.

An overgrip (what GET A GRIP specialises in) is designed to go over the top of the existing grip on your racket. This provides several advantages.
Protecting the original grip on your racket.

  • Added comfort and thickness to your racket handle which fits better in the hand.
  • Improved Non-Slip feel to your racket with a fresh overgrip.
  • Keep your racket looking fresh, clean and irresistibly retro.

How long does an overgrip last?

This all depends on how often, and hard, you play! You can tell when an overgrip needs replacing as it will be showing the wear and tear expected. It’s a case of personal preference, but we like to change our grip after 4 or 5 intense matches.

Do your grips work for other sports? Padel, Squash, Badminton?

Yes! Our grips work great across racket sports. You can see our grips in action on different sports rackets on our Instagram story highlight ‘The Club’.

Who are GET A GRIP?

You can find out more about us on the Our Story page. But in a nutshell, GET A GRIP was created in 2020 but James in 2020. His favourite ATP player is Nick Kyrgios, and while on a dog walk thought how cool it would be if Nick had his own custom grip. After some quick research James quickly realised there are many reasons why this wouldn’t work, but stuck with the idea of creating retro-inspired grips, and here we are today!

Will you be releasing new designs?

Yes! We’re constantly cooking up new prints. Stay up-to-date on the latest design drops on our Instagram.

Can I suggest a design idea?

Of course! We love hearing your ideas. Get in touch here.

Are your overgrips colour fast?

100%. Countless hours went into testing our overgrips on all services, hot and cold, to ensure we had the perfect Non-Slip material that holds our prints.

What material are your grips made out of?

Non-woven polyurethane.

Where do you produce your grips?

Our grips are designed in London & made by our lovely partners in China.

What packaging do you use to ship your grips?

Our grips are packaged in fully recyclable aluminium and plastic packaging. We ship your grips to you in either cardboard or plastic mailers, which again are fully recyclable.

How do you come up with your designs?

They come to us in the dead of night. We’ll be sound asleep and then sit bolt upright before sprinting down the road, naked, to the studio where we frantically hash out the idea.